Translation, ‘New Federalist Papers Number 1, by Paul Rohricht, February 19, 2009

Each time I write a ‘New Federalist Paper’, I will also provide a short ‘translation’ for those of you who do not wish to read it in its entirety.  So here’s the translation and main points behind this weeks posting:

  • The federal government, in its current form, is inefficient, and becoming too powerful;
  • The future of America is at stake;
  • It is up to us, we, the people, to decide whether or not our current government is serving us correctly, and that it is right and reasonable to reflect on this openly;
  • But often, politicians motives are not aligned with that of the citizens;
  • Our current elected officials are resisting what is the right decision, simply so that they can preserve, and extend, their own power;
  • We must go back to the principles of our Founding Fathers, for the failure to do so will continue to erode the possiblity that we can again have a government for the people and by the people;
  • We are already hearing our government tell us that we need to expand the scope of government (an example is President Obama declaring that “Only governement can take us out of this crisis”), and that individual freedom and responsibility, upon which this country was built, is not a necessity;
  • The continued expansion of government in our lives is very dangerous, and it is an evil force that will, in the end, affect everyone in this country.

Remember that the ‘New Federalist Paper’ was written from the very words of Alexander Hamilton.  His words are still relevant today.


© 2009 Paul Rohricht


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