Chicago Tea Party Expands Across America

The seeds of our forefathers seems to still be alive. The rallying cry of “taxation without representation” was heard. It goes to my earlier post on this site that there was no public review of the ‘stimulus bill’. Not one of our ‘representatives’ read the bill they voted for. Here are just a few of the many tea parties that have been held throughout the country:

WYFF Greenville SC – Protesters Stage Greenville Tea Party – estimated 1500-2000 turnout
MSNBC – Hundreds Turn out for Anti-Tax ‘Tea Party’ – from NBC San Diego
MSNBC – KSNW TV News – Kansans protest stimulus plan in downtown Wichita
MSNBC – WJXT TV – ‘Tea Party’ Protests Wasteful Spending – Jacksonville FL
WIVB Buffalo – Taxpayers stage tea party protests
Nashville Post – “The Nashville Tea Party” –
KMOX News Radio 1120, St. Louis – Hundreds Gather for Anti-Stimulus ‘Tea Party’ Under the Arch
The Washington Independent – Scenes from the New American Tea Party
11Alive NBC Atlanta – Tea Party Protests Stimulus at Georgia Capitol

There is no doubt in my mind that this will continue to gain momentum.  There is no stopping the power of ‘we the people’. 

There is a list of tea party events here:  “The taxpayer tea party movement is growing“.

God bless America.


© 2009 Paul Rohricht


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