9-12 Project: United in Purpose, we can do great things

So the 9-12 project has now officially been started, but much work went in prior to Glenn Beck’s viewing parties. All over the country, people from all walks of life joined together for one pupose: to know they weren’t alone. It was a very important day for everyone involved, and I believe, only the start of what will become a long and at times difficult struggle but one which will activate people as never before. At the very minimum, the result will be more people voting. That in and of itself would be a major shift in this country. But like what occurred prior to the founding of this great country, it will feed upon itself and grow like and infection you like to have. Even in Canada, we have seen they are taking notice of their neighbors to the south. Tina Wells, who blogs from Port Coquitlam, Canada, writes about this here:


The experiences of our forefathers and what we are seeing today are few; the struggles they fought for in establishing our country and the principles they fought to uphold are no different today. The difference is that they used guns and determination. We use the internet and determination.


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http://wesurroundthemusa-pa.ning.com Pennsylvania Site

© 2009 Paul Rohricht


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