A gift to America: a roadmap to unity

My fellow Americans,

Making this country better in our boro’s, townships, cities and states, requires us to build unity with one another. But this should not be at the expense of losing one’s own identity, or sacrificing your own principles in the process.

We all have our own skills, we all have our own passions in life, whether it be a job you really like; that you would still do even if you didn’t need the money and you didn’t have bills to pay, or a volunteer activity that is important to you. Deep down inside, deep in our gut, most people want to get along; most people want to feel connected with others; most people want to rally around a set of ideals that go beyond our own interests.

When the founding fathers started to meet together, first in small groups, they spent a lot of time getting to know each other, learning how to trust one another. They focused on finding their own common ground among all of the many, pressing issues of the New World called America. They did not always agree with each other. Delaware was the first to ratify the Constitution of the United States, but did all of the states just jump in to ride the wave, to jump on the bandwagon? They did not. Only through patient, and sometimes heated argument, were they finally able to put aside their differences and work toward the principles and values that they all felt, deep down inside. They put away their own interests, which were many. Keep in mind that the founding fathers generally were all very well educated, they were power-brokers in their own colonies, and many were very wealthy. They were weathy because they worked hard; used their individual skills and passions to become very successful in their chosen fields. By ceding their own power, they gained even more.

But the founding fathers needed a framework, a roadmap to help them build unity in a way that could be used to bring everyone together toward a common goal. The roadmap they used were the principles and values we have so often heard about.

Today, it is no different. Groups are coming together all over this country, the discussion has begun, but they have no framework to channel that energy. There are groups competing for bodies, for number counts; it is hard to sort through the true patriots from the convenient ones. I have some ideas that I will suggest that could help those hardworking idealist Americans come together in unity around a shared purpose. It will be up to America to accept the gift; I simply offer it for the benefit of all who wish to listen because this country is worth giving back to. You’ll hear more about that in the coming days.



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