“Trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty”

My fellow Americans,

I have written in an earlier post about the need to be sure about someone when they call themselves a ‘patriot’.

It is much more powerful when someone is called a patriot by someone else, rather than making the claim by themselves. This is because you cannot ever know what is truely at the core belief system of someone else; only God can know that for sure. But we can see what someone is made of by what they do, their actions, and not just their words alone; the old ‘walk the talk’ proverb.

I have seen already in these early days of the 912 project, so many good people who truly care about their communities and their country. The tea parties that were held throughout the country show that there is a groundswell of grass-roots interest in what this government, at all levels both state and nationally, is doing.

But there is a dark side to everything, part of the balance in nature, that we should be aware of too. And that darkside is that sometimes this:

Good-natured people, who start with good intentions, also turn toward that dark side.trust-no-man-living-with-power-to-endanger-the-public-liberty

Sometimes, some of these good intentioned people fall prey to the lure of power. For others, it is fame, or fortune. Still others do not even realize it is happening, until someone steps forward and tells them about it. Sometimes, they listen. Sometimes they do not. It really does not matter which of these are manifest, for they are all detrimental to the pursuit of liberty. Abraham Lincoln fought for liberty, for all people, and John Adams wrote:

“Trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty”.

We see this in various groups forming throught the country. Organizers set agendas. Organizers delay elections, both at the national level and the local level. This is most usually a tactic used to consolidate their power.

In the process, they endanger public liberty; the very thing that they originally had claimed to be fighting for. And in doing so, it systematically endangers the local movements and the national movements, because sooner or later, the people will learn about these tactics, and become disinfranchised; they become confused about what is going on in the larger group, and they start to feel like it is no different than what they were originally working to presumably fight against.

Our leaders, whether they be in elected pubilic office, or in local grass-roots organizations, should be questioned every step of the way. The group is of the people, not the organizers.

The people decide, not a gang of 4, a gaggle of 2, or just a few self-appointed birds flying on their own.

Liberty is a commodity that should not be watered down, it must be fought for, it must be preserved at all costs. What got us into this mess in Washington is that we let it happen. I choose to fight against it now.



One Response to ““Trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty””

  1. paul,

    i took the opportunity to read up on your comments and thoughts . It seems to me you stopped writing in 2009 very little in 2010 . your compassion for your beliefs are compelling and thought provolking . I would love to read your thougts again .


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